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Eva Sparda
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14th-Mar-2010 08:31 pm - [Video Post]
No cookies before bed Dante
[Eva looks...more than a little frazzled. As the video starts, she pushes the sunglasses she's wearing up to the top of her head and tries to restrain the squirming Dalmatian puppy in her arms.]

Well, as you've all probably heard, the Neverland was stolen. We have no idea who did it but if anyone has any information about it please let one of us know. [The puppy begins nipping and licking her chin, whining for attention.] Oof, Sparda, calm down-Hold on- Here, you can go play with your brothers and sisters. [She picks up the puppy and carries him off screen. In the background excited yips, woofs and howls.

She returns a few seconds later and as she kneels down it becomes clear  she's dressed for a
day at the beach and with her newly revealed skin, a few very noticeable scars are showing. Most of them are very light scratch marks, peppering her arms and neck, save for one or two that appear to be from bullets and one jagged, dark scar that runs from just above her heart to the base hollow of her throat.]

Anyway, has anyone spoken to Tyki lately? Or Smoker? I'm a little worried-Hm? Yeek, puppies are loose!

[She hurries off to play puppy herder and the video clicks off by itself.]
6th-Mar-2010 02:19 am - Back To Normal Again
Ahaha...oh dear...
I'm back to normal, everyone...I feel absolutely ridiculous for how I acted though.

I'm sorry if I worried anyone or acted inappropriately toward anyone, especially Smoker and Longchamp. I'll bake you both something to make up for it.

Dante, Vergil, can I speak to you?

And Roxas, are you doing alright, dear? You haven't done anymore fading, have you?
26th-Feb-2010 05:12 pm - [Accidental Video]
Nevan step away from my devil
[The video starts with Eva's bashing the keyboard, mistaking it for an alarm clock. Her head is buried under her pillows and she gives a low, muffled groan.]

Shit, it's way too early...

[After a beat she pulls away the pillow and lazily lifts her head. Even through her rat's nest of blond hair, it's clear she looks quite a bit younger, about nine or ten years younger. With a grunt, she pushes her hair out of her face and yells over her shoulder,]

Jax, Molly! Is breakfast ready yet? I'm starving!

[When she receives no answer, she tries again.]

Jax? Molly? [Grumble grumble.] Don't tell me they left for a job without me...

[Then it finally clicks that this isn't her room.]

What the hell?

[Then she notices the computer and hits a few keys, frowning and trying to figure out just where she is and mumbling to herself.]

Shit, Sparda, when I said I needed a vacation I didn't mean kidnap me!

[The feed finally cuts off as she mistakenly hits a key.]

[ooc: WHOO I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO POSTING AGAIN! 8D; Things are much less busy now and I've made a full recovery, yay! To celebrate this, Eva has been de-aged to 19 and watch out, she's a firecracker.]
Happy family
It's so nice to see so many people coming home again! I don't think this many people have been in the neighborhood since my wedding...

Ah, anyway, Daddy, I love my new gun! It's perfect and the ribbon you put on it was such a cute touch. Mom and Rinali, are you two up for helping me make some desserts for the barbecue? And Allen, no eating them before the party!

Tsuzuki, what kind of desserts did you have in mind?

Oh! And Dante, Akito, I have a special treat for you two:

I hope it's okay with your parents.
21st-Jan-2010 12:16 am - ~*~Video~*~
Does Mama have to kick some ass?
[The video feed begins with gun shots.]

There are so many of them-! This is starting to get annoying.

[A moment later Eva kneels in front of the webcam, her expression serious.] Dante, Leo, I know you two can handle a few on your own for a while longer. Vergil, I want you to go help your brother. Rinali, I'm coming to your room but it might take a -[BANG!]- a little while.

Anyone on the Neverland who doesn't know how to fight, I suggest you lock yourselves in the dogs' room.

[She stands up and takes a step back. Her clothes are...a little different. She's also wearing the long leather coat Dante gave her for Christmas and in her hands she seems to be holding twin guns, one black and the other white. She looks down at her clothes with a small sigh, mumbling to herself.] I did ask the closet to give me something to fight robots in.

[There's a robotic whirring sound and, without even looking in the direction it was coming from, Eva raises her left arm and fires. The whirring stops and she gives the camera a small grin, quite similar to the devious smiles Date sometimes wears.] This could get very fun.

[The video ends as she closes her laptop with her foot.]

[ooc: Momma Sparda is kicking robot ass and taking names! Anyone on Neverland, feel free to find her for some actiony tags, anyone else will have to leave a message at the beep. c :]
10th-Jan-2010 05:22 am - Double Dog Dare
Me too?
It took a little while but here it is! I almost feel bad I have to eat it.

Happy family
Who: Eva and Dante and possibly Vergil
What: Their first Christmas together in years~ Dante wants to give mommy a special gift.
Where: Dante's room
When: Christmas Day

If Only In My DreamsCollapse )
6th-Dec-2009 11:22 am - ~001~
Ahaha...oh dear...
[It starts out with a very concerned woman's voice.]

This isn't-This can't be right! Dante, Vergil! It's not nice to hide from mommy, boys! Especially on a strange island.


[The form quickly changes to text.]

This is going to sound awfully strange but where am I and has anyone seen two young boys, around eight years old? They're identical twins with white hair and blue eyes. If anyone sees them or can tell me where this is, I'd very much appreciate it.

My name is Eva, by the way.
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